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ENGLISH TUITION, 25 years experience

ENGLISH TUITION,  25 years experience
ENGLISH TUITION,  25 years experienceENGLISH TUITION,  25 years experience
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ENGLISH TUITION, 25 years experience

Hello and welcome. Are you looking for help in English, a UK teacher to give support? With 25 years experience, of providing an unmatched teaching / online tutoring service and receiving a vast amount of positive feedback.
The first chat / online meeting is FREE. 50GBP for 5 students lesson, 20GBP for a single student lesson. Price negotiable.

1) 30 - 60min conversations on 2 - 10 topics, 5 - 15min per topic, to improve your speaking skills about traffic, medicine, nature, sports, musics, professions, food and drinks, travelling, geography, sciences, numbers, colours, cloth, shopping, tourism … very useful for the speaking part of the English language exam.
2) helping to prepare for IELTS, vast amount of exercises is available.
2) 30 - 60 min chatting about the topics you are interested, correcting pronunciation and grammar.
3) 30 - 60 min basic English exercising, like formulation of questions and answers, mastering correct tenses.
4) chatting lessons for children.
5) English – Maths lesson from basic level to the advanced GRE.
6) Business English through the conversation.
7) Tourism phrases : directions, emergency situations, shopping, accommodation, sightseeing.
8) 30 - 60min relaxing chat.
I provide the access to large English lesson resources with grammar exercises too.

I am teaching English 25 years. Was working in the England schools, Egypt, UA, Singapore, Germany International schools. Was teaching online the pupils from all the world, like India, China, Africa, Russia, Europe.
Do not contact using the mobile. I am UK based. Could you please contact using email : speak_en

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Vardas: David l Lloyd
Interneto svetainė: https://skypetuition.weebly
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